Every year, the Festival showcases dozens of spectacular performances. These consist of both traditional and contemporary Indonesian dances, music, and other forms of performing arts throughout the various regions of Indonesia. Some of the past performances the Festival has showcased include Balinese Gamelan and dances, an Angklung orchestra, Javanese Wayang (Shadow Puppetry), and even a group of performers from the Boyali Regency in Central Java.


The performers come together from all around the globe to provide a spectacular six-hour show for the attendees of the festival, who often leave the festival refreshed, enlightened, and entertained.


Our previous year's performers include: 

*Stay updated on this year's performers through our social media



We are currently seeking performers for this year's Indonesian Festival. We love creativity in all shapes and sizes thus all types of acts are welcome to apply as long as it either represents Indonesian culture or showcases Indonesian talents!

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